Dallas fire-rescue free a man trapped under DART train

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Fire-Rescue in Dallas helped a trapped man who either fell willingly or was pushed forcefully onto the tracks of a DART train.
The incident happened during peak hours on yesterday evening at the Morrell DART Station in East Oak Cliff. Dallas Firefighters used their utmost strength to lift the train enough to save the man who was later taken to the hospital in an unknown condition.

According to eye Witnesses, the victim is a teenaged or young boy was moving in a group and was then pushed by another teen. Witness said that he was pushed onto the tracks when the train was coming at the station. DART Police officials suggest that he was hit by the northbound Blue line.
One woman who witnessed everything said that she was about to board the train and then she saw this group of man and one teen pushing him to the tracks. The victim shouted for help. So she went to the
Conductor and informed him that somebody is struck under the train. The doors of the train had closed by then but the train wasn’t moving. The train rolled a bit before coming to stop again. According to her, the teens that pushed him looked at the victim, laughed, and ran away from the station.
DART police are investigating into the matter and trying to find out if this was a criminal action or an accident. DART Trains resumed normally after the incident was fixed.

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