Here's why Anil Kapoor’s wife calls him Ostrich

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Anil Kapoor is one of the much-loved actors of the Bollywood Industry who never fails to impress his fans with his stellar performances.

He and his wife Sunita Kapoor are one of the happily-married couples of the Bollywood Industry who has been together for 45 years and their bonding is still growing stronger.  While giving an interview, Anil Kapoor disclosed so many things about his relationship.
Speaking about his relationship with his children, he said that he is a non-confrontational father who has never behaved like a traditional one and always treated his children as his friends. He has never screamed and always tried to avoid confrontations. For his wife Sunita, he said that she calls him an ostrich because just like an ostrich, he hides his face in plain sight and thinks that everything is well.

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