Part of Denton police sergeant's ear bit off by a DWI suspect

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Denton police sergeant has been recovering after a brutal struggle with a DWI suspect. 45-year old Christopher Rogers, DWI suspect resisting his arrest and assaulted public servant, and even bit off a part of Denton police sergeant’s ear. This incident happened after 11 p.m. on Friday night when Rogers was driving erratically in the 1500 block of I-35E.
According to Denton PD officers, Rogers was driving while intoxicated, behaved uncooperative with officers, and resisted to move out of his vehicle when officers asked him to do so. His arrest affidavit says that there was an empty bottle of vodka inside his vehicle. When police officers called for backup, Rogers resisted arrest and even punched an officer on his face.

Denton PD officer Bryan Cose further added that when officers tried to take him out, he resisted. After he was taken to the ground, he still resisted and began biting a police sergeant’s ear.
Sergeant Michael Rose was brutally bitten by him about an inch of his ear and had some injuries on his head. Denton officer further added that Rose’s body will forever be different and he will have to live with his missing part of the ear from now.
Officers used a stun gun on Rogers to control him. Everything started as an ordinary traffic chase but ended up with serious injuries on Rose. He will soon return to his services as he recovers.

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