Dallas Man shoots and kills robbery suspect near SMU campusDallas Man shoots and kills robbery suspect near SMU campus

Dallas man was being robbed at his apartment when he shot and killed the robbery suspect.

The incident happened around 9 p.m yesterday at the Mockingbird Flats apartments on SMU Boulevard near Greenville Avenue. This not far away from the Southern Methodist University campus.
According to Dallas Police officers, they found the dead suspected robber with arms inside an apartment. Further reports state that McNeely had never seen that suspected robberer before and he was chasing him from outside his apartment. When he tried to rob him after pushing him inside the apartment and attacked. He pulled out his weapon then the man shot him. McNeely was also wounded in a gunfire exchange. He was immediately rushed to the Dallas hospital and is now in good condition.
Dallas police are still investigating into the matter and trying to figure out what happened.

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