Dallas:Train cars derailed in Old East Dallas

On Monday, a train car derailed in Old East Dallas and now the workers will have to clear the train track.
The incident happened at 6:30 p.m. along Samuell Boulevard near the Tenison Park Golf Course yesterday.
According to reports from the Dallas Fire-Rescue officers, three cars from a 14-car train derailed from the track. Firefighters immediately reached the scene area and stabilized the derailed cars.

In fact, further reports stated that one of the cars carried hazardous material but nothing was leaked. As a precautionary measure, officers evacuated the golf course, the same day.
Today, the train company will inspect the cars and will ask for heavy equipment to clear off the track.
Workers will clear the track until then some portion of Samuell Boulevard between the 3400 and 3800 blocks will stay closed.  Residents and people commuting through that route can expect delays for some time.

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