Texas: Garland police officer Wendy Sheriff praised for helping a homeless man get back on his feet

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Officer Wendy Sheriff, a Garland Police Department officer is being praised for his kind gesture. The officer helped a homeless man, earlier a truck driver; get his driver's license back. Not only this, the officers helped him find a place where he could stay.

Wendy Sheriff is a great officer who helps homeless people and tries to get them back on their feet. The officers extend his help to people with mental issues.
Here, we are praising the officer for helping a homeless man, Mr. Hawkins, who was a truck driver. He helped the man get his driver's license and also get a place to stay.
According to reports from the officers, Mr. Hawkins has now received a job offer on certain conditions. With the job, Officer Sheriff went to John Little at Metro Relief and helped a homeless man get a place to stay.

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