Attraction: Inspiring Emotions in Girls
A relationship coach and co-founder of Loveawake dating site by the name of Alex Wise sent over these tips via his twitter. His advice seemed pretty cool these days.

Attraction is all about emotions. If you can’t evoke emotions in a girl. You will not be able to make her become attracted. The conventional idea is to evoke positive emotions in a girl. However in my opinion evoking a wide range of emotions from positive to negative is the way go.

The Key is making her feel something (ANYTHING).
Add physicality into the mix and you’re on your way.
This is a typical conversation between a guy and a girl:

Guy: Hi, I’m John.
Girl: Hi I’m Sara ( somewhat interested)
Guy: So what do you do?
Girl: I’m studying law
Guy: Cool. University?
Girl: yeah
Guy: Do you enjoy it?
Girl: It’s okay. I gotta go. Nice meeting you!
Boring. No emotions. No Fun.
So here’s a good example of inspiring emotions:

Guy: Hi, I’m John you’re cute!
Girl: Oh Hi.. I’m Sara
Guy: Ugh… ( Giving her an odd look)
Girl: What?
Guy: My ex girlfriend had the same name.. She was psycho.
Girl: Oh haha wow..
Guy: You’re not mentally insane are you?
Girl: Haha no no no..
Guy: Cool. Then you can be my new girlfriend bla bla bla!
Girl: Omg!

Can you see the difference?
Here the girl is emotionally reacting more to the guy. It’s fun and not boring. It’s better than 90% of conversations she has had with random guys.
Inspiring emotions straight off the bat.

We are sparking emotions in her by us making the conversation fun. Avoid interview questions.
It’s not even trying to make it fun for her. It’s making it fun for us which results in her having fun too.
There is a time and place for interview questions but not in the first 2 minutes of the interaction.
By inspiring emotions, you make her addicted to your presence. It doesn’t matter if it’s negative or positive. But you would want to be more positive though than negative, have a healthy balance of emotions. That’s why you see some girls who keeps going back to a dysfunctional relationship because even though the majority of emotions they feel are negative they still get some positive emotions. Combined with huge amount of time and energy they’ve invested in the relationship, they get addicted to the stimulation of emotions.

So I’ve been talking about exposing the girl to a wide range of emotions from positive to negative.
I’ve only shown you pretty much how to inspire positive emotions in her. So how can you spark negative emotions (in a good way)?

Guy: You’re cute. You’re my new girlfriend!
Girl: Oh really haha.
Guy: On second thought. I’ll just cheat on you and run away with your best friend. (Said with a smile)

Girl: Oh my God! You’re an asshole!
Guy: Haha yeah. What’s with assholes that turns you on so much..? (Classic! Said with a smirk)
Girl: Haha what? I don’t like assholes bla bla bla irrelevant chatter.
Guy: Shut up. You love it. Actually you’re pretty cute… I won’t cheat on you… well not until you get cellulite.. ( Another classic! )
Girl: Omg! haha

Here the guy is going positive and negative to positive and negative again and again! Ppinging and ponging between these emotions.
Now realize you don’t want to go overboard with this.
You’re not being an asshole and offending her. Hence the smirk and the smile while you’re saying this. This is joke. Everything is a joke and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

The smile and good eye contact is the difference between the cool guy and the asshole douchebag.
You’re fooling around. You’re teasing her. She knows it. If you offend a girl then you’re just being a dick and you’re doing something wrong.

You go from positive to negative. Negative to positive. Inspiring a wide range of emotions in a girl.
The reason why you would want to give her a wide range of emotions is because you don’t want to become predictable.  Plus if you only give her positive emotions that means you are either trying to impress her by agreeing with everything she says or just being too friendly. That is predictable and boring.

Now this can easily become some sort of a button pushing technique. Which is something you want to avoid, because it’s not natural.
I’ve seen guys doing this wrong. They are going from positive to negative 5 times in a minute. That’s too extreme and the girl would probably think you’ve got some mental issues if you went that extreme.

Just have this as a concept in your head and work from there. Sprinkle it a bit during the conversation don’t overuse it. Keep it positive for a while and then go negative.

The key to using this is being honest to yourself and your personality. Don’t just go negative without a reason or go positive because you want to impress.
If she says something you don’t agree with. Go negative. Because you’re honest about it. Most guys tend to comply with the girl and lie about liking that thing too, even though he hates it.
By showing her you have likes and dislikes makes you authentic and real.

Girl: I just watched the new Harry Potter movie…
Guy: What? Harry Potter sucks!
Girl: Oh.. uhm.. I’ve also seen the last batman movie.
Guy: Now you’re talking!
Girl: *giggles*
If she says something you like. Go positive. Let your personality, your likes and dislikes guide you. Not the concept.

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